Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"A Little History Of The World" By E.H. Gombrich, Illustrations By Clifford Harper (YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS New Haven And London 2008, originally published in German by Steyrermühl-Verlag, Vienna 1936) - Part 2

This is a book that everyone should read! It was written with children and young adults in mind but it offers such a perceptive and rounded description of events and beliefs through thousands of years of human history that it will enrich anybody's knowledge and understanding of the past. In fact, it goes beyond a mere account of facts - it gives an insight into the human psyche, the eternal battle for power, control and domination among mankind and the tragedy of war. Despite its huge popularity both in Germany and internationally, the book was soon banned by the Nazi regime for being too "pacifist", forcing the writer Ernst Gombrich (1909-2001) to flee Germany for Great Britain in 1939.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

"UK General Election 2015 " Comment By Harris...

So sick of hearing these guys telling us how great their ideas are, for months now - well, that part of the show is over now! Personally, I don't think they can do anything other than parroting what their PR teams and other "advisers" dictate. In any case, I wouldn't trust any of them to cut my front lawn let alone do anything that requires a bit more initiative and common sense, like running a country.  It's depressing to think that out of a country of 65 million people and of such rich diversity and talent, we only get to choose a leader out of this bunch of unimaginative, uninspiring and nondescript men! Could we not just say no, we don't like any of them, none of the above? Or would that be too extreme for our sophisticated and gentile democracy? So, a dedication to all the clever men that CAN bring prosperity and joy for all - a dance of CANCAN...

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Animal Fair" By Alice and Martin Provensen (Published By Golden Books Publishing Company, Inc, New York 1952) - Part 2


Images from this book can also be found in hundreds of other websites or blogs but I still felt it would be good to upload some from my own copy - even though it's in tatters and very difficult to scan!

Illustrations and text was produced by the famous American husband and wife team, Alice Provensen (born 1917) and Martin Provensen (1916-1987) in 1952. My copy must be from some years later but I'll never know exactly when, because some annoying kid ripped off the title page - probably decades ago! Hugely influential work on subsequent generations of designers and illustrators. Here's a short biography on the couple from Wikipedia and references on other books by them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_and_Martin_Provensen



Wednesday, 15 April 2015

"DRAWN" - Exhibition Of Drawings By Harris Sofokleous, Rich Johnson, Derek Jones, Hannah Longmuir and Gill Walton at The Coldstream Gallery, Scottish Borders, 15 April - 23 May 2015

A small selection of my recent work in a group show starting tonight at the Coldstream Gallery! www.coldstreamgallery.co.uk We are only an hour's drive south of Edinburgh or an hour and a half north of Newcastle Upon Tyne so, please drop in if you are in the neighbourhood! Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

"The Story Of William Tell" By Aliki (First published by Faber and Faber Limited 1960, London WC1, this copy is from the third impression, 1969) Part 3


I just love the back cover of this book. Only slightly different from the front, but so funny! Bare in mind that there were no fire arms at the time of the story, just bows and arrows, and there would be no need for the boy to block his ears for the sound!