Wednesday, 15 July 2015

"Quadrum 17" Cover Artwork By Joe Tilson (published by A.D.A.C., Brussels 1964) Part 3

Also included in this Quadrum issue are a some really good reproductions of  works by Victor Vasarely - a Hungarian-French artist, 1906-1997) accompanying an article by Henri Van Lier. Vasarely was a major figure in 20th century art. He pioneered a highly distinctive and idiosyncratic style of painting that creates an optical illusion of movement when observed (hence the term "op", I guess). Influenced by the Bauhaus artists such Mondrian and Malevich his paintings are minimalistic and geometric, often in pure black and white colours. Apart from the wikipedia entry,   I found this really good website dedicated to Op Art, and also his biography from the Tate Gallery in London:

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

"Quadrum 17" Cover Artwork By Joe Tilson (published by A.D.A.C., Brussels 1964) Part 2

Joe Tilson - "Odeon", 1962

Quadrum was an International Art Journal published by the Bruxelles L'Association pour la diffusion artistique et culturelle between 1956 and 1966. The articles were in French, German, Italian and English. These pictures are from an essay on English Pop Art written by Robert Melville. Artists mentioned in the article include Peter Blake (b.1932), Joe Tilson (b.1928), Peter Phillips (b.1939) and Derek Boshier (b.1937).

Derek Boshier - "Oil On Canvas", 1964

Peter Phillips - "For Men Only Sharing MM and BB", 1961

Peter Blake - "Drum Majorette", 1961

Sunday, 28 June 2015

"Good Housekeeping's Cookery Book" Illustrations By Fred Reeves and Douglas Woodall (published by Ebury Press London 1948 - this edition 1962) - Part 3

I don't have any information on these illustrators. There is no indication in the book about which pictures were produced by each artist. I suspect that one of the two artists would have been responsible for the various informative and instructional pictures while the other did these beautiful, decorative illustrations - and there are many more. A very thorough book with information on every type of meat, fish, cheese etc as well as advice on utensils, pans, cookers and even a kitchen layout! Some of the recipes don't look too healthy to me though, and the colour photos of the dishes are enough to put you off attempting any of them!