Wednesday, 15 February 2017

"The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics" Illustrations By Various Artists (published by The Book People Ltd, Little, Brown and Company, London 2003 - originally published by Macdonald in 1969 and 1971) - Part 3

This book I borrowed from a friend of mine so that I could take a few scans. It is a republication of the original "Beatles Illustrated Lyrics" from the late sixties. Although it contains a lot of the original pictures - especially the Alan Aldridge ones - the design of the book is absolutely terrible! I couldn't even bring myself to scan the cover! Among the many contributions by various artists I found these by film director Philippe Mora (born in Paris, 1949 but grew up in Australia) which I thought have interesting colours and quite odd compositions!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

"The Quiver 1893" - An Illustrated Magazine For Sunday And General Reading And Enjoyment (Published by Cassell & Company London, Paris and Melbourne 1893) - Part 3

 A few more examples from the dozens of illustrations contained in this book. To my irritation a child from the past has mutilated quite a lot of the pages, written and smudged on many others! So this old book is seriously battered. The work that's gone into creating the beautiful engravings and the elaborate letterheads is really admirable. No names of artists are given in the book but some signatures are legible on the engravings.