Monday, 17 February 2014

"The Magic Lavatory" By Nicholas Allan (published by Hutchinson Children's Books, London 1990) Part 2

Lavatory treatment gone wrong! The bizarre, anarchic and very funny adventures of little Jeffrey's toilet! Filled with visual jokes and surreal situations this is one of Nicholas Allan's earlier books (British author and illustrator from Brighton). No real moral in this story, other than the avocado coloured toilets (a nightmare fashion fixture from the sixties and seventies) are really bad...
Nicholas Allan has come up with a few more strange titles over the years ("The Queen's Knickers", "Cinderella's Bum", The Giant's Loo Roll"(!) and many others). Many became best-sellers and some received literary awards. Here's the link to the author's site for a biography and more information:




Thursday, 6 February 2014

"R. Caldecott's Collection Of Pictures & Songs" Illustrated By Randolph Caldercott, Engraved and Printed By E. Evans (published by Frederick Warne And Co., London and New York, date unknown) Part 3

Some more of Randolph Caldercott's exquisite  drawings. The whole book is in pieces now but the colours and the quality of the paper are intact. According to Wikipedia "R.S.'s Collection Of Pictures & Songs" came out in 1887. So, for only seven pounds I got myself dozens of these antique illustrations! I love the movement in the characters, the birds and animals portrayed so effortlessly with his flawy lines as well as the emotions and humour displayed in their faces and postures.