Friday, 4 February 2011

"Rumania, Painted Churches of Moldavia" (published by The New York Graphic Society by arrangement with Unesco, Paris 1962)

Now I'm not religious in any way but I have a weakness for religious imagery from all over the world, Byzantine being the top of my list. So when I came across this book and another identical one on Yugoslavian Church paintings some twenty years ago I was really chuffed! Cheap too! They are huge in size (34x48cm) which helps to appreciate the beautiful work and the details of these icons. Shame about the flash on my camera (yes, still no scanner) but it was the best I could do on a gloomy day - can't remember when we last had a sunny day...I will scan a few more from this book when I get a chance and I'll post some of the Yugoslavian ones which are quite different.

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