Friday, 14 September 2012

"Punch" Magazine, Printed and Published by William Stuart Smith, London 1888 - Part 2

Classic late 19th century political caricatures from an original copy of "Punch" magazine I picked up recently. Ironically, the price I paid for this and two boxes full of other Punch issues, old periodicals and comics wouldn't be much more - per unit - than its original price of 3 pence (seen on the cover above)! Clearly not much appreciation around for these treasures from the past. The quality, detail and depth of these illustrations is exceptional - the advertisements are also fascinating so I'm scanning them for a future post.


  1. I have a pen & ink cover from Punch which I believe may be an original. Do you know how I can authenticate this? I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Dorothy Matteo

  2. How can I authenticate work by Charles Keene?