Friday, 7 October 2011

"Eloise In Paris", Kay Thompson, illustrated by Hilary Knight (Max Reinhardt - London 1958)

These drawings are such a pleasure to look at. I was so pleased to find this at a local book-shop some months ago. The book has dozens of illustrations full of amazing details of people, streets and buildings in funny stories. The artist gives us a brilliant account of what life and fashions would have looked like in Paris of the 1950s - seen, of course, through a rich girl's eyes.

There were four "Eloise" books published from 1956 - 59 and all became best sellers making both writer and illustrator famous and - I imagine - wealthy. Here's Hilary Knight's link on Wikipedia: . The character of Eloise was inspired apparently by Kay Thompson's goddaughter - none other than Liza Minnelli according to Wikipedia!
I'll post a few more pictures from it tomorrow.

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