Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Very Closed Circle


I've been meaning to pay tribute to this brilliant blog - from Greece - ( )   for a few weeks now since they announced that it was to be terminated. It's a collaboration by several talented cartoonists/illustrators/writers from Athens who got together some three and a half years to create this project. The format remained the same - ie a comic strip with four panels - but the style would be different each time depending on who the contributor was. The text is in Greek but they always provided a translation in English (and a very good one too) for audiences around the world. The stories are superb - often about small and trivial things in life but with deep philosophical and cynical undertones! Needless to say, they are also very funny! Really sad that it's come to an end and I'm sure it will be missed by many. Links for each artist from the team can be found on the blog so that you could get to see more of their work and other publications.

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