Saturday, 30 July 2016

"Porterhouse Blue" By Tom Sharpe, Cover Illustration By Paul Sample (published by Arrow Books in 2002, first published in 1974 by Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd)

 I bought the whole box set of these books - eight in all - some twelve years ago specially for Paul Sample's stunning illustrations. I've actually read most of them and they are incredibly funny - Sharpe is a master at creating these stuck-up characters, oblivious to how they are affecting people around them which leads to tragic situations - always hilarious though! "Porterhouse Blue" was adapted for a TV series for Channel 4, starring David Jason and "Wilt" for a 1990 film with Griff Rhys Jones and Mel Smith. "Blott On The Landscape" was also made into a mini TV series in 1985, starring David Suchet.

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