Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Colonel Sun", Robert Markham, published by the Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd, 1968. Designed by Barry Wilkinson

No, I haven't run out of books, I just had too many hustles and not enough time for blogging.

This isn't the original cover for this book (not the first edition) but I like it anyway - it evokes some the menace and suspense which are always part in every Bond story.

The writer is Kingsley Amis (R. Markham was just a pseudonym) in an attempt to continue the James Bond fame after Ian Flemming's death. I don't think it had much success even though it was adapted and published as a comic strip in the late sixties. You never know, it might just resurface as another Bond movie! There's also a picture of the endpapers - the location where the action takes place...

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