Saturday, 12 October 2013

"Valentina And The Magic Lantern" by Guido Crepax (first published in 1976, this edition is published by Headline Publishing Group, Great Britain, 2012), Part 2


The deliberate absence of any dialogue or text in the entire book makes it quite unusual and drives the focus directly on the sequence of the drawings and the meaning within them. The story is a journey through Valentina's dream world, revealing her deepest erotic fantasies, passions and, sometimes, fears. The settings change all the time, from science fiction to the world of fashion, costumes and objects from past centuries. Even Crepax himself makes an appearance behind his drawing board, adding to the surrealist effect. Not to be confused with cheap, sleazy pornographic comics - this is a serious and complex story that is designed to work on many levels.  


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