Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"You've Got Dragons" Kathryn Cave & Nick Maland (illustrator), Hodder Children's Books, London 2003

Back to blogging after a very busy summer - not had a holiday yet... Blogger is acting really weird the past few days and hasn't been letting me publish my posts! Maybe it's just a hick-up.
I've been meaning to post this one for a long time. The quality of the illustrations as well as the printing of the book is really stunning. The atmospheric style of the artist is ideal for taking us through the dream world of the young boy. A very interesting inter-play between reality and the imagination full of the massive dragons. Nick Maland's work does remind me a bit of Maurice Sendak's work but these are more "serious" looking monsters and quite intimidating too. I love the way he shows the scale of the dragons next to the tiny child and how they are made to fit in the landscape or in the room he happens to be in. Beautiful decorations, patterns and details in every picture.

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