Monday, 30 January 2012

"The Floating Jungle", written and illustrated by John Ryan (Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd, London 1981)

I was really chuffed to discover this vintage John Ryan book from 1981 in our local second hand bookshop a few weeks ago. It could even be a first edition. Ryan (1921-2009) will always be remembered, of course, for the creation of the legendary Captain Pugwash, a lovable but incompetent pirate featured in many cartoons, children's books and animations. He produced the Pugwash stories originally as comic-strips in from 1957 for the BBC's Radio Times magazine. He was then asked to animate his stories for television, a collaboration that lasted for decades. Here's a link for the 2009 BBC obituary
I'll try to post links to some other websites for John Ryan in the near future.

Mr Noah's son, Ham (above), looks like he could be related to Captain Pugwash - without the moustache and beard...

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