Monday, 21 January 2013

"Henri, Schlitzohr", Written and Illustrated by Eve Tharet (1989), Part 3

Eve Tharlet has to be one of the most talented and skillful illustrators working today - I haven't come across many contemporary books that could match the craftsmanship, colours and humour found in her pictures. Note the limited palette she uses, with soft blues and browns in contrast with warm, glowing whites creating a retro effect. I couldn't help showing three more from this book with Henri the pig in action! I've also got 2-3 more of her books which I'll be posting sometime in the future.


  1. Dear Harris!
    I am so moved by reading what you write about my work...
    Thank you so much!
    Eve Tharlet

    1. Hello Eve, thank you for your nice comment - I never thought you would ever come across my blog! Your work is an inspiration for artists and illustrators and has been a great pleasure reading it to my kids! Many thanks, Harris