Friday, 16 August 2013

"Yahoo No.5 - How I Loved The War" By Joe Sacco (published by Fantagraphics Books, Inc. Seattle, October 1991) - Part 2


Joe Sacco was actually up in Scotland this week, for the Edinburgh International Book Festival! He gave a talk last Tuesday at a venue in Charlotte Square where the Festival is held, promoting his latest book "Journalism". I also happened to be there on that day browsing on all the new graphic novels totally unaware of any events taking place or writers walking about signing books etc! I did have a good look at this book though (see cover below) and Sacco's work is getting better each time so I'm definitely up again next week to buy it - might even be lucky and get a signed copy!
This year there's a comics and graphic novels fair taking place alongside the normal book fair called Stripped, so there a lot to see. It was interesting to discover work by young and unknown artists/writers next to the big international names so you do need more than one day to appreciate the range and quality on offer.

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