Monday, 11 August 2014

"Little Rabbit Foo Foo" By Michael Rosen Illustrated By Arthur Robins (Published by Walker Books Ltd, London 1990) Part 2


This is, by far, the funniest children's book I've ever read. Simple and punchy lines that kids can follow and memorise, yet quite a surreal story: A rabbit, riding a motorcycle in the forest (a perfect match of urban and country style!) bangs any creature that comes his way on the head with a hammer. Victims vary from the tiny earth worms to goblins and tigers(!). They all complain to the Good Fairy who duly warns Rabbit Foo Foo that if he doesn't stop she'll turn him into a goonie.  He, of course, remains defiant...

Michael Rosen's prose is just perfect (here's the author's website: ) and Arthur Robins (b. 1944) is a master in creating all the lovable characters in the book with all their funny expressions, postures and animation. Here is his biographical note on the Walker Books website:
The endpapers of the book, parading all Rabbit Foo Foo's victims.
The formidable and rather atypical Good Fairy in action. Arthur Robins' own website is:

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