Monday, 23 September 2013

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" By Lewis Carroll, Illustrated By Anthony Browne (First published by Julia MacRae Books in 1988; this edition published by Walker Books Ltd, 2003) Part 2


I wanted to buy this book ever since I saw the above illustration published in a magazine article, around 1989, but never got the chance. I was so thrilled to discover this - very well priced - immaculate edition at a charity shop in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. I am still stunned by the depth, detail and imagination of these illustrations by the incredible Anthony Browne. I've been collecting his books for a long time now, and had fun watching my kids trying to discover the hidden characters within the illustrations and figuring out the various surreal narratives.

I have scanned some close-ups from this picture to show the level of detail this artist can produce, and to show the endless visual narratives within almost every object.

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  1. Great blog ! I can't believe I hadn't discovered it. Your collection must be pretty awesome !