Monday, 15 September 2014

"Jack In Luck" By The Brothers Grimm, Illustrated By Eve Tharlet (published in Greek by AMMOS Publications, Athens 1994 - originally published by Michael Neugebauer Verlag AG, Zurich 1991) Part 3

There is so much attention paid to the details by the artist that you can imagine being there among the characters and these beautiful houses. The flaking plaster on the walls, the grain in the wood beams, the rustic guttering, the patchwork quilt - you could look at them for hours. Also the viewing angle from above is very interesting as it gives more depth to the pictures unlike other children's illustrations which tend to be more flat. I'd love to see these at a slightly larger scale as the book is quite small (15x15.5cm) but still, this is a true classic!

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