Wednesday, 15 July 2015

"Quadrum 17" Cover Artwork By Joe Tilson (published by A.D.A.C., Brussels 1964) Part 3

Also included in this Quadrum issue are a some really good reproductions of  works by Victor Vasarely - a Hungarian-French artist, 1906-1997) accompanying an article by Henri Van Lier. Vasarely was a major figure in 20th century art. He pioneered a highly distinctive and idiosyncratic style of painting that creates an optical illusion of movement when observed (hence the term "op", I guess). Influenced by the Bauhaus artists such Mondrian and Malevich his paintings are minimalistic and geometric, often in pure black and white colours. Apart from the wikipedia entry,   I found this really good website dedicated to Op Art, and also his biography from the Tate Gallery in London:

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