Sunday, 27 December 2015

"Willy The Dreamer" By Anthony Browne (Published by Walker Books Ltd, London 1997) Part 2

If I had to pick only one of Anthony Browne's brilliant books, this would be the one! It's a majestic journey through Willy's memories, aspirations, past and future using famous paintings (mainly from the surrealist movement) as a backdrop. The one above, for example, has reference from Giorgio De Chirico's work. The one below that from Salvador Dali's ""The Persistence Of Memory"(1931) and the last one from Rene Magritte's "Reproduction Prohibited"(1937). The pictures from my previous post, display Willy's dreams about being a film star, a famous painter or a rock idol (ie Elvis why not?)! The bananas and Willy's characteristic  pair of the red and green socks at present where ever possible!

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