Saturday, 18 June 2016

"Pierre-Joseph Redouté's LES LILIACÉES", Sotherby's Auction Catalogue - 20th November 1985 (publisher: Sotherby's, New York 1985) - Part 3

 I fell in love with these pictures as soon as I picked up this book some sixteen years ago! I had never really paid much attention to flower paintings before as I thought the subject too ordinary and mundane but this work is so extraordinary! The beautifully drawn shapes and natural colouring really make you appreciate the harmony and balance of each depicted plant. What makes them so powerful is not only their amazing realism but the sensuality achieved from the richness and depth of the colours, together with monumental and sculptural arrangement of leaves and flowers. Pierre-Joseph Redouté is rightly considered as one of the best and most famous flower painters of all time - this site provides quite a lengthy biography of the artist:

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