Wednesday, 28 September 2016

"Just So Stories" By Rudyard Kipling, Illustrations By The Author (published by Macmillan And Co., Limited, London 1921 - first published in 1902) Part 2

Rudyard Kipling (British, born in Bombay, India 1865-1936) became a very successful and respected writer from a young age and his books are still being published today. He gained world fame by the time he was 30 with "The Jungle Book"(1894), "The Naulahka: A Story Of  West And East"(1892) and "The Second Jungle Book"(1895). The "Just So Stories" came out in memory of his eldest daughter, Josephine, who had died at the age of six with pneumonia in 1899. It's a collection of bed time stories he used to tell her. Amazingly, he created these lovely illustrations himself! Here is a good biography on the great author, poet and journalist:  There is also the wikipedia entry:

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