Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"The Lone Ranger Annual" 1953 (part 3)

Couldn't resist not sharing this breath-taking "kick-ass" sequence from this book! It's almost cinematic in its structure - sometimes I wonder whether it was the comic artists that borrowed from films or the film directors borrowing from comic books... I've added the cover as well even though I don't like the style as much - probably done by a different (uncredited) artist altogether.

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  1. Remember listening to the Lone Ranger on a radio powered by a car battery charged by a wind charger just out side our house. this was with my dad relaxing in a easy chair, mom was washing supper dishes and I was siting in the floor, this was after a day that started at 4:00 am and ended after the second milking 50 or 60 cows, it had been a long day but er never missed the Lone Ranger show. this was a long time ago, Mom and Dad are both been gone for years and I will be 75 years old in 8 days, I think I was 4 or 5 when I first remember the show. Thanks for the memories you just brought back to me.