Friday, 12 July 2013

"In The Steps Of The Master" By H. V. Morton (published by Rich & Cowan Ltd, London 1935) Part - 2

Henry Vollam Morton (1892-1979) was an English journalist and a pioneering travel writer - this book being his first major success selling half a million copies according to Wikipedia 
 I thought the pictures of Palestine from the 1930's (when it was still part of the British Empire) where really interesting and moving, capturing people in their every day lives in harmony with the landscape. The author is primarily concerned with the landmarks in relation to the text of the New Testament but the photographs, together with his detailed account of people, customs, local economy etc, provide a unique insight to a peaceful Palestine our generation never knew existed.
Most of the photographs are credited to the author but some were taken by his wife, Mary Morton (one being the striking picture of the Bethlehem Mother from my previous post). Morton went on to publish a series of travel books on Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey leaving a precious record of a region that has completely changed after World War Two.


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