Monday, 8 December 2014

"Scar-Strangled Banger" By Ralph Steadman (published by HARRAP Limited, London 1987)


 I was planning to feature this book for ages and kept postponing it. This, being the Christmas period, is hardly the right time for it but the recent events in the US highlighting police "heavy-handedness" have prompted me to present it!

The book is a collection of Steadman's political cartoons dating from the early sixties to the mid-eighties. Considering that these were illustrating police behaviour some fifty years ago they are terrifyingly close to the current news!! You would have thought there would be some progress by now, that some one would get punished for such horrible behaviour towards other human beings! But instead, nobody is found guilty! Along with the Police, are the Bankers, Politicians, Corporations etc - the bigger you are the more you get away with. And it is the same in every country - with some variations. My only question is: Why do we bother calling it Democracy?....

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