Sunday, 26 March 2017

"Wonderbus 7 - Perry Colour Books" Illustrated By Leslie Butler (published by Powell Perry c1942-44, Putney UK) - Part 4

This is a very strange and eccentric book - but the pictures are just beautiful. I was really lucky to find it - and it hardly cost me anything! It was published some time during World War II by a little known publisher, Powell Perry. At the time he was an officer based in Farnham Castle, in charge of producing camouflage work for the British army. Apparently, he then employed the camouflage artists supplied the Women's Voluntary Services to illustrate picture books for children - his family having a printing business in Putney! Unfortunately there isn't much information about how many titles were published, what years exactly or anything on the man himself and the artists even though their books are of superb quality. I got this information from Joe Pearson's excellent website:

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