Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Lefty, The Tale Of Cross-Eyed Lefty Of Tula And The Steel Flea" by Nikolai Leskov (Progress Publishers, Moscow)

This is a very important piece of Russian literature judging by a small research I did on the Internet - I haven't had the time to read it myself yet. It was written in 1881 by Nikolai Leskov(1831-1895) and you can find a synopsis on the story in wikipedia here: I'm not sure when this particular edition came out which annoys me a bit as I would like to know more about the illustrator of whom there is nothing online! His (or her) name is credited in the back of the book as N. Kuzmin but there are no other clues. If any blog readers recognise the name and style I'd be grateful if they could send me a note. I think these pictures are truly fantastic. Just taking a close look at those faces and poses - they reveal nationality, emotions, social status, intelligence of each character before you even start reading the story.


  1. According to WorldCat, it seems to have come out in either 1960 or 1965. It's not clear to me if one (or both) of the entries is mistaken about the year, or if they represent two different editions - there do seem to have been several. The illustrator was Nikolai Kuzmin (1890-1987), and they have a page of information on him here.

  2. Thank you so much for this - I'll post the artist's full name on the blog soon!