Friday, 29 March 2013

"Welcome To America" By Michael Heath, (published by William Heinermann Ltd, London 1985) - Part 2

This is a great collection of drawings by one of Britain's most famous cartoonists of the past few decades, Michael Heath (born 1935). Inspired by the artist's trip to the United States they provide a poignant insight of the country, its people and way of life seen from a European perspective. They remind me of similar drawings by George Gross - another great European (German) artist - of  American cities and way of life in the years after World War Two. I will be posting some of those as well in the near future.
In the eighties, the world's perception of American society came through shows like Dallas and Dynasty that did not include any ordinary characters or real life drama so portraying the more gritty aspects of the country would have been refreshing and evocative to the British audience.     
Some of these guys wouldn't even fit inside the A-Team's van, let alone star in the show but super heroes have to look cool and so perfect always or the movies wouldn't sell any tickets!

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