Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"A Little History Of The World" By E.H. Gombrich, Illustrations By Clifford Harper (YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS New Haven And London 2008, originally published in German by Steyrermühl-Verlag, Vienna 1936) - Part 2

This is a book that everyone should read! It was written with children and young adults in mind but it offers such a perceptive and rounded description of events and beliefs through thousands of years of human history that it will enrich anybody's knowledge and understanding of the past. In fact, it goes beyond a mere account of facts - it gives an insight into the human psyche, the eternal battle for power, control and domination among mankind and the tragedy of war. Despite its huge popularity both in Germany and internationally, the book was soon banned by the Nazi regime for being too "pacifist", forcing the writer Ernst Gombrich (1909-2001) to flee Germany for Great Britain in 1939.

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